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Your Amazing Ear - Auriculotheraphy Acupuncture

The ear is an unbelievable structure. Most of the time going unnoticed, the ear is constantly working for you. We all know it allows hearing, a place for piercings, and even a canvas for tattoos; did you know it is also an abstract map of the body? This original idea came from Paul Nogier. In 1951, Nogier worked with a patient, who explained to him that he was relieved from a sciatica pain by a cauterization on the ear. Inspired by this, Nogier examined ear auricles of his patients from 1951 to 1956 and concluded that a particular area would become tender when a related internal organ was diseased. (1) He was fascinated by the idea of this cure and spent the next 30 years developing a map of the ear. Nogier created what is known today as Auriculotherapy, also known as ear acupuncture.

Every point on the ear corresponds to a well defined part of the body. There is information in the oldest preserved Chinese manual of medicine, issued in the 4th century BC Huangdi Nei Jing (Canon of Medicine), that the ear is a meeting point of all the energetic channels of the human body. (1)  Auriculotherapy is used to help with a multitude of conditions. Some of which include anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, constipation, depression, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, IBS, low back pain, and migraines. Two to ten sessions are usually required to completely relieve a condition, but significant improvement can be noticed within the first two sessions. (1)

Interested? You should be! This type of acupuncture is good for those experienced with the practice, or those just starting. Madison Acupuncture and Bodywork is an expert in the matter - reach out with questions!

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