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Once upon a time, a little girl went to the woods to make friends and learn from all the beings held within the forest. She dutifully packed her very first books of tree, flower, and insect field guides. Sat quietly to listen to those who would approach and wandered to those who called. She talked with caterpillars and a Snake Mama and her babies, was nourished by persimmon and mulberry trees, and found a world with more wisdom than her young mind could express in anything other than purest feeling. She promised to keep the teachings of her wise friends and guides. The little girl held them in her heart as they had held her.

That little girl grew up to be Helen, still studying and creating and listening to Big Mama Gaia and her pals.

Helen has been learning for decades with gracious teachers and elders regarding birth, death, plant magick, dying, ritual magick, astrology, emergency medicine, animal medicine, angelic and ancestral transmission, and plant medicine. She is currently living an abundant life, weathering storms and being deeply grateful for harvests, and still running off into in the woods.

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