“Jaime’s compassionate and loving approach to bodywork allowed me to enjoy the benefits of her effective acupuncture treatments despite my fear of needles.” 

—  Gina B


Madison Acupuncture & Bodywork is downtown Madison’s premier wellness clinic for recovery, relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic health.

We are all on a journey in life. Are you being held back from living your most
vibrant experience?

Welcome, we are elated you found us. Now let’s start to figure out why you are

-Are you experiencing “tech neck” from spending hours at a computer or from
staring down at your cell phone?

-Are you suffering from an old sports or an overuse injury that makes you feel
physically older than you are?

-Are you feeling anxious and tense?

-Do you need a lunchtime reboot to help you feel refreshed and energized?

-Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed?

-Are you wide awake at night wondering why you can’t sleep with your mind

-Do you find it hard to focus, often feeling unproductive?

-Does your digestion have you avoiding certain food or, worse, avoiding
situations because of the uncertain outcome? 

-Do you long to relieve your pain, boost your mood, and improve your mental

-Are you interested in committing to a practice to establish a more vibrant life?
Asking questions is the first step on the path to feeling better. If any of these
sound like you, or similar to your situation, we have confidence in our ability to
turn things around.

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““I love Jessy!  I have had work done by Jessy several times.  She is so talented and caring.  Listens to my concerns and needs and then works her magic and I leave feeling SO much better.””

—  Patty W

“Jaime treated me with acupuncture for recurrent pregnancy loss, to help restore my hormonal and emotional balance. I was able to become pregnant again at age 36 without any medical or pharmaceutical intervention. Jaime saw me for weekly acupuncture treatments through the first trimester, and I’m happy to say that my sweet son was born healthy and full term!”


- Susan P



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